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A short first-person puzzle game built for Epic Megajam 2018 - navigate the puzzle space to the final gate to complete the game, which is essentially a short-ish tutorial section followed by one major puzzle room.

This game was deliberately created entirely within the editor using no external assets other than basic starter content provided by Epic Games.

Known issues:

An issue with sequencer causes the wrong meshes to drop at the crossroads; the bridge to the ball room is still there despite what the Viewfinder indicates.

If a door appears open in the normal view, it is open, despite what the Viewfinder indicates; this sometimes happens in the final puzzle room.

On rare cases, the physics engine may have a little freakout when the player follows a Keyball through a portal, causing the player to be teleported far above the intended location.

These three issues have no real consequences to gameplay.

It may be possible to break game flow by hurling a Keyball or Connectcube out of the playable space, though I've done my best to ensure they'll be respawned by the Droppers. There is no limit to shrinking the player; doing so excessively may cause issues.

Install instructions

To install and play, simply let itch install and run.

The game makes extensive use of render targets, and as such a moderately high-end graphics card (GTX960 equivalent or better) is recommended, though it will still run on lower-end hardware so long as it you have a 64-bit operating system and DirectX 10. If there's demand for a 32-bit version in the comments, I may consider packaging one.


ObjectiveUnreality.zip 975 MB

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